Mobile Hotspot Request

Long-Term and Short-Term Mobile Hotspot Request

The Technology Support Desk has a limited number of mobile hotspots available for long-term or short-term checkout to the University community for academic use and University business.

Click on the "Request Hotspot" button to view the request form. Please allow a two-week lead time for approvals and availability check. All hotspot requests are subject to approval and availability with a $30 monthly charge back.

Monthly Charge Back per Affiliation:

  • Administrator (MPP, Dean, and Above): Academic Affairs or Department

  • Faculty: Academic Affairs

  • Staff (Academic Department): Academic Affairs

  • Staff (Non-Academic, Student Employees, Auxiliaries): Department

Student checkout is not available at this time.

If you have any questions, please contact the Technology Support Desk by phone at 209-667-3687 or by email at

Request Hostpot


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