How To Obtain A Warrior Card

Obtaining a Warrior Card

First-Time Warrior Card

Students may request a first-time Warrior Card by going to Library Building, in L256 on the Turlock campus or Acacia Building, A1001 on the Stockton Campus to take their photo and have their card printed or by submitting their passport-style color photo to the Warrior Card Online Photo Submission tool at Complete step-by-step instructions are provided for submitting your image and verifying documentation. Your information is safe, secure, and encrypted. Once your photo is submitted you will be notified if your photo was approved or denied, with instructions on how to correct and resubmit if needed. Upon approval, please visit the Library Building, L256 in Turlock or Acacia Building, A1001 in Stockton to have your card printed.

Faculty and Staff can take their photo at the Library Building, L256 in Turlock or Acacia Building, A1001 in Stockton but their cards are required to be printed on door access card stock. A Key Request access form must be filled out from the link in their employee portal. Please note that door access card distribution is managed by the campus locksmiths in Capital Planning and Facilities Management.

Replacement Warrior Cards

As soon as you realize that your Warrior Card is missing, you should immediately report it so that the accounts and other privileges associated with the card can be deactivated. Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately by calling Warrior Card Customer Service at 1-866-575-7826, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. PST or by visiting My Account, available 24/7.

Students, faculty, and staff do not pay for their first Warrior Card. Replacement cards may be subject to a fee of $5.00.

Students - a $5 replacement fee is required to print a new card. You can pay on campus at the Cashier Office in MSR 100 in Turlock or Acacia Building, A1001 in Stockton. You may alternatively pay online:

For additional and more detailed information about Warrior Card, please visit

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