OIT Change Control Procedure

OIT Announces Updated Change Control Procedures

All changes to OIT systems, services and applications must follow a structured process to ensure appropriate planning and execution. Prior to submitting a change request, it is the responsibility of the change requestor to verify that the application or system exists in the OIT application inventory DB and that the maintenance window recorded coincides with the one requested, otherwise, consult with your manager to determine whether this request will be out-of-band or if the window should be changed in the application inventory database.

There are three types of changes in scope for change control:

  1. Routine Change
  2. Emergency Change
  3. Standard Change

Recommendations shall include:

  • All changes requiring official stakeholder communications orchestrated by OIT communications coordinator must be submitted 2-3 weeks prior to implementation.
  • Changes should be documented thoroughly, including risks and a back-out plan.
  • Changes should be reviewed by the submitter’s manager/director prior to the Change Control meeting.
  • The submitter of the change request(s) must attend a change control meeting or bring someone up to speed to represent and speak to their change to gain approval on your behalf.
  • All changes must be reviewed and approved by the Change Control Board.

For more information please review the revised Change Control Procedure.

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