OIT & Warrior Fab Lab Collaboration

In a remarkable collaboration, OIT Learning Services and the student-led Warrior Fab Lab have revolutionized classroom setups. Utilizing 3D-printed adapters crafted by the talented Fab Lab students, custom adapters allow monitors to seamlessly fit onto instructors' desks. The custom adapters were made through a collaboration between OIT Learning Services, the Stockton Campus, and the Fab Lab. Michael Tablett, OIT staff at the Stockton Campus created a prototype using CNC robotic machinery. This prototype was tested and given to the Fab Lab to create a digital model using computer-aided drafting software and print using their 3D printing technology. Under the guidance of Jake Weigel and Tawn Anderson, this initiative, overseen by project coordinator Jerry Anderson, not only streamlined classroom upgrades but also showcased the ingenuity and expertise of our campus community. This successful partnership exemplifies the power of student innovation in enhancing educational environments.

"Incredible teamwork between staff and students at the FabLab has truly elevated our campus experience," praises Tawn Anderson, Director of OIT Learning Services. "Their dedication and skill have not only saved time and resources but also showcased the immense talent within our community," Anderson continues. Under the guidance of Jake Weigel and with the innovative prototype by Michael Tablett, this collaboration exemplifies the power of student-led initiatives in advancing our educational environment.

Before and after images of desk adapter
Before: Prototype After: 3D Printed Adapter 
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